In recent years, digital photography has made scanning all but obsolete. However, converting a paper or film image to digital data is still required and the scanner is still the best means of making that conversion. There are many capable, inexpensive scanners available today, but for maximum resolution, black definition and scanned size of the image, you can't beat a large machine similar to the equipment we use here.

We can accommodate paper or film up to 11 x 17" in size, 1/8" in thickness. Scans can be color, grayscale or line art. Once scanned, we will check and clean the file of dust if necessary, and write the file to media that you specify.

For larger originals, we can offer some options. Some pieces can be scanned in sections and then "re-assembled" electronically. Also, we can photograph the original, depending on its size. For maximum quality, however, we recommend scanning the original in one piece.

Pricing is based on size and quantity of scans.