Lamination provides UV protection and durability to your print.

We offer two basic types of lamination, both of which are film based. Heat applied laminates provide a tough, difficult to scratch surface that, when used on both the front and rear of the print, allow for rolling. This is handy for transportation to a trade show and storage. We offer this product in gloss, luster and matte finishes.

Pressure-sensitive laminates (PSA) are normally used for prints that are to be mounted to a board for display. PSA laminate is very clear, with little or no coloration of the print and, with the exception of gloss laminate, provides a finish that does not reflect under light, which is very important in a display environment.

There are several types of PSA laminates. We use a "Luster" PSA for most prints but also provide textured laminates for trade show use as well as a PSA trade show backer that when used with the textured Poly carbonate, provides a print that is both flexible and all but impervious to scratching.

We can provide many laminating solutions. Call or email for more information.