Image This, Inc., is an 18 year old Wisconsin company specializing in graphic arts products and services. We offer a wide-ranging mix of products for temporary or permanent display, trade shows, point - of - sale, wall hanging, advertising and more.

A significant part of what we do is related to Large Format Printing. To that end, we have the ability to scan large transparencies or reflective media, lay out the file for printing, RIP them to a large printer, output, laminate and mount the print as required. There are several product offerings in the large format arena, and we are able to provide most of them, such as canvas, vinyl and back-lit output.

Large prints are not our only specialty, however. We also repair and restore (as well as output) damaged or dated photographs. We provide framing for corporate or personal photography or images as well. If you need a logo designed or a full brochure layout, we can either assist you in development or handle the entire design project.

Please refer to the column on the left, select a product offering and see what we can do for you.